Puppy Pricing

We pride ourselves in the incredible investment of both time and money that we spend on our dogs. The price of your puppy reflects the value of the dog you will receive. We are not a kennel and our parent dogs are our pets. They run on our acreage and sleep in our climate-controlled house we built specifically for their needs.  Our puppies are raised with us and are played with and loved all day, every day.  When we are not with them we keep constant watch through a security system that we can see on our mobile devices. We feed only the best diet and provide plenty of exercise and love for each of our dogs.  If you desire a puppy from a superb bloodline that is healthy and well socialized, you have found the right place at Missouri Bernedoodles.  If you would like to speak to either Lori or Paula, please call or text us at 660-582-3126.




Tri-Color Bernedoodle  - $3,500
This is the classic color & pattern of the Bernese Mountain Dog.  It is the
most desirable look for the Bernedoodle and harder to produce due to recessive pigment genes. Most of the time, the brown fades as they get older and looks light tan or sometimes almost white and their black will turn grey.


Tuxedo Bernedoodle  - $2,800
The "Tuxedo or Bi-Color" is the classic pattern of the Bernese Mountain Dog but missing the rust or

brown points on the legs and face.  Tuxedo Bernedoodles are absolutely beautiful and $500 less

than the Tri-Colors.




If you are interested in reserving the puppy of your choice, please send us an email telling a little about yourself and your plans with the new puppy, when you have been approved and we have received your deposit, you will be placed on the Reserved Puppy List.


 Your deposit goes toward the price of your puppy. If you choose to use PayPal, they charge 3%, when you click on the link it is automatically added to the $1000 for a total of $1030. Contact me if you would like to pay with a different form of payment.

Each puppy comes home with:

  •  A bag like the one pictured to the right

  •  All of their puppy shots up to 8 weeks

  •  Dewormed on a regular schedule

  •  Dew claws removed

  •  1-year genetic health guarantee

  •  Vet certified health certificate (if you are flying)

  •  A  folder with valuable tips and info

  •  A blanket with mom and siblings' scent 

  •  A starter bag of food

  •  Nylabone puppy starter chews

  • Puppy shot and worming record keeper

  • A dog leash 

Proverbs 12:10

A righteous man regards the life of his animal...

If you would like to speak to us before placing a deposit you can call or text us at 660-582-3126

Email us at 
Subject: Bernedoodles



Paypal charges 3% of total price

so there will be a fee when you use PayPal or credit card service for your payment. Contact me if you would like to pay with Venmo or a different form of payment. 

Every puppy and adult dog that you see on our website is (or was) ours. We use no pictures of puppies that do not belong to our adult dogs. Every picture that you will find on this site, either I took or someone that purchased our puppy has given me permission to use.  All rights to these pictures are reserved by Missouri Bernedoodles and it is illegal for anyone to use images from this site without a photo release form from us.