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Contact us

 We are currently accepting deposits, 

if you are interested in a puppy, please send us an email at

  and answer the following questions in your email.

Where do you live? (City and State)

What is your yard like? (If you have a limited yard, please describe your exercise plans for your dog) 

Do you have plenty of space for a large breed dog? (describe your house or apartment)

Will your dog be an inside pet or outside? 

Are you planning on breeding (eventually) or will always be a companion only?

How much time, during the day, will you (or your family) have for a new puppy?

Do you have any other pets? (our puppies love siblings)

  If you have questions please check out our "FAQ and Helpful Info Page" and if you still have questions, feel free to call us at 660-582-3126.

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