Meet Our Mommies


Meet Maggie, our gentle giant. She is beautiful and loves to be on our lap every time we sit down. Maggie weighs 103 lbs.  She is very sweet and has beautiful puppies.


Maggie's litter of 3.JPG

This is Nanny.  She is now retired but she is super sweet and loves everyone and is living the retired life on our farm.  


Our Sire

Pictures of our two new Mammas coming soon!

This is Cooper. He is the father of every litter that we have. He is a brown and white "Parti" Standard Poodle that does not shed. Cooper weighs 60 lbs and is very sweet and extremely intelligent.

Cooper after swimming Aug. 2017
Here is Cooper right before leaving for the groomer.
I think he's adorable when he's a little shaggy.
Yes...this is the same dog.
Nanny with puppy day1.jpg