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 Our puppies are standard (F1) Bernedoodles. We chose our parent dogs as puppies from very good bloodlines and each parent is AKC registered. 


We are currently accepting deposits, so if you are interested in a puppy, send us an email at or Click Here and answer the following questions in your email.

Where do you live? 

What is your yard like?  

Do you have plenty of space for a large breed dog?

Will your dog be an inside pet or outside?

Are you planning on breeding (eventually) or will always be a companion only?

What's your plan to exercise your puppy?

How much time, during the day, will you (or your family) have for a new puppy?

Do you have any other pets? (These puppies love siblings!)


Below is our current reservation list.  Before you place a deposit please know these five things. 


  •  Bernedoodles like cool weather.  In the summer, they like to stay in the air conditioning and avoid sunny spots.

  •  We require that you spay or neuter your dog by 12 months of age.

  •  Your puppy may get between 85-115 lbs. when fully grown.

  •  Your deposit is non-refundable but is transferable to the next litter.

  • Flying with your new 20 lb. puppy may not be an option. (check with the airlines)


Phantom Color



Tri-Color Bernedoodle Puppy


How this process works:

We have ONE list for every litter that we have and will have in the future. 

When our litter is 4 weeks old, each person (starting with #1) will have the opportunity to choose a puppy or wait until the next litter.

After you have chosen your puppy, you are moved from the "Reservation List" to the "Reserved List" and when your puppy turns 8 weeks old, he or she gets to go to your home. 

Puppy Reservation List 
 1.  Ben B.  
 2. Wyatt S. 
 3. Wendy R.
 4. Kenny F. 
 5. Shelly P. 
 6. Ben L.
 7. Sally L.
 8. Jennifer B.
We require a non-refundable deposit to get your name on the list.

You can go to the pricing page for details.

We reserve the right, at any time, to return any deposits or payments and refuse any adoption.

Tri-color Female and Tri-color male 
We are waiting in a grassy spot at the airport for our new Mommy
Some beautiful "tuxedo" puppies 
They are sooo soft!

These two got to go to Texas together

For more pictures of what our puppies look like as adult dogs please visit our "Past Puppies and Testimonials" page.

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