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What people think about Missouri Bernedoodles...

I just wanted to check in and thank you for all the love you’ve added to our family and home.


Bodie (Nanny’s Spring litter) continues to be an amazing puppy.  He’s smart, well behaved and constantly impresses those around him with his personality!  We call him our gentle giant…over 90 lbs and all loving!   We find ourselves  giving out your name repeatedly because people are continually asking about our breeder.


Ben has been in our home for three weeks (Nanny’s Fall litter) and has made his place in our home.  He’s smart (dog door trained when he arrived home – and we’re happy to report we have not had even one accident!) very good with big brother Bodie, amazing with other dogs, and visitors and just like Bodie is incredibly laid back and full of fun.   Bodie is delighted to have his brother!


Our dogs are well known in the small town we live in because they’re so striking but also because of their personality.   We take them visiting often.    They greet everyone, want to show off all their tricks and we have yet to have them jump on or bark at visitors.  They are perfect gentleman!


I recently had Ben in to our vet, where Bodie is also well known for wellness visits    Ben was 26 lbs at 11 weeks!  Our vet commented that Ben (like his brother) is incredibly well behaved and healthy.  She said she seldom has had such calm puppies in her office.   Our vet indicated that is the sign of them coming from a great breeder program.  We of course whole-heartedly agree!


Thank you for doing such a wonderful job bringing so much joy to families!



Bodie and Ben.jpg
Odie 11-02-18.JPG

Odie at 7 weeks


Odie at 6 months

Odie 2.jpeg

Odie at 10 months

We cannot say enough good things about our new Bernedoodle puppy and Missouri Bernedoodles.  You have done such a wonderful job raising these pups for the first 8 weeks.  Our new puppy “Hunter” is everything we could have asked for and more.  He has such a wonderful temperament.  He is mellow and very even keel, yet playful and sweet with our young children.   He lets us rub his feet, belly, tail and brush him.


You have been such a pleasure to work with.  She kept us informed, sent pictures, provided us with extensive details about our puppy’s schedule, preferences, food, etc.  She truly raises these pups as her children and has done a great job with early socialization.  Our vet was also very pleased with the quality of vaccinations and health records.  We finally have the dog we've always wanted!  


-Michelle, California

Picture of Hunter on first day at our home sound asleep on his back. 

Here is a picture of Hunter at 3 months. He is really growing up into a very nice looking boy!

Family with a Missouri Bernedoodle puppy

12-28-17 update....

I hope you had a nice Christmas!  I wanted to share a few family photos with Hunter (Lincoln) included.  He's turned out to be such a terrific dog!  He truly is the most amazing dog we've ever had.  He is so friendly and well behaved.  He makes us laugh every day and showers us with love and affection.  He absolutely loves spending every moment with us and is such a snuggly big boy!  He also has the most amazing manners.  He doesn't beg or steal food (even when it is at his eye level) and he hasn't chewed one of our personal items or furniture, etc.  But he will destroy his own toys.  its like he absolutely knows the difference between our stuff and our kids stuff animal toys and his own. So smart!  


Hope things are going well and just wanted to wish you and your family Happy Holiday's and hope you have a fabulous 2018!




Grace 4-14-17.JPG
This is beautiful Grace from the April 2017 litter. She now lives in Colorado and her new name is "Paris"
She is a service dog working with elderly people.

Paris has grown into a beautiful big teddy bear!

Hi there, Josie and I had quite the adventure getting home to Boston. Due to a delay we missed our connecting flight and stayed in St. Louis overnight. She was a complete gem and shared the king bed with me!  She hated the carrier and thankfully the flight attendant let her sit in my lap, she slept the whole way home. Last night she slept in her crate and only woke to go out to the bathroom. She goes to the door and whines when she needs to go out, no accidents in the house yet! She is having a blast playing with our kids and all of her new toys. She is just perfect, we are so in love with her.  -Kristen

I don't know where to begin about Riley. You have done an absolutely wonderful job with these pups. You kept us informed of their progress and sent updated pictures frequently, so we were able to see them grow. You were always quick to respond to any questions we had. 


We were in the car for almost 11 hours when we brought her home and she did excellent, was such a little trooper, not a whimper through the whole trip. Always went to potty when we stopped. 


Since we have been home, she has been quite the character! She was playing tug of war with Biscuit (Goldendoodle) last night. She has definitely made herself right at home. Plays with her many toys and follows us everywhere. Generally whines and goes to the door when she has to go potty, then wants right back in. And she hops like a bunny! Lol


It was such a pleasure to meet you and your husband! We thank you for raising such wonderful pups for eight weeks! Our vet verified Friday that she was in excellent health, said she was going to be a big girl. Riley is one adorable little girl, we love her already!



2 Riley.jpg

Riley all grown up

We decided to add a new member to our family about a year ago. We had heard of Missouri Bernedoodles through a friend and contacted Lori through her website to put our name on the list for a fall litter puppy. We now have Lady, an 11 month, 58-pound Bernedoodle that we absolutely love and is such a part of the family. Lady is the perfect family dog; she's sweet, funny, smart, playful and so adorable. She's very social and loves people and other dogs. We feel that the quality of the parent dogs and the great environment that Missouri Bernedoodles has created for the pups plays a huge role in the temperament and quality of the dog you're getting. We could not be happier with our entire experience of getting our new dog. Lori was so friendly, caring and professional, she's a great person which helps you to know the dogs are loved and well cared for. My sister and another close friend also got puppies from Missouri Bernedoodles, Dutch and Odie, and they are amazing dogs! If you're looking for a standard Bernedoodle and a great family pet, I highly recommend getting yours from Missouri Bernedoodles!              ~Kim F.

Lady 1 10-24-18.JPG

Lady at 5 weeks


Lady at 3 months

Lady at 5 months

Lady at 6 months

Lady at 6 months


Lady playing with her deer friend.


Wally at 6 weeks

We delivered Wally to his new owner at the airport in San Fransisco when he was 8 weeks old.

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This is wally in March 2018

Berkely at 7 weeks old

This is Berkely at 9 months old

Berkely loves his girls.

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